SuperSlicr Version 2



A Photoshop action that streamlines the process of exporting images for the web and iOS.

Download .ATN (8KB)

Project on Github

What is This?

SuperSlicr v2

It’s a Photoshop action that, when installed, allows you to quickly select and export elements from a PSD to images suitable for use on websites and iOS apps.

It has the following features:

  • Export to JPEG or PNG with alpha-transparency
  • Automatically generate retina and standard resolution images for iOS
  • Base export on a combination of selected layers or rectangular marque selection

In the Latest Version

You can now control the export area by making a rectangular marque selection on the canvas. This is a little bit more like the traditional ‘slice’ option in Photoshop but much quicker to and more intuitive to implement. Simply create a marque and run the action to export an image.  This is useful if you want to define a shape beyond the pixel bounds of your chosen layers, want to crop down elements, or you wish to ensure that a range of exported images share exactly the same dimensions.

Generated images now close automatically once the export has finished. This saves a click or two, especially with the iOS option.

The action has also been optimised from previous version so it runs a little bit quicker.


Download the action using the link above, then drag it onto your Photoshop application.

If this does not work, choose ‘Load Actions’ from the Actions Palette Contextual Menu and browse for the file.


  1. Either select the layers or create a rectangular marque for the image that you wish to export
  2. Select the relevant export option from the SuperSlicr actions in the actions palette.
  3. Run the action.
  4. Check the export settings.
  5. Name and save the image in the usual way.


BSD 3-Clause Licence

Essentially you can do whatever you want with this, but can’t redistribute the code without including the original licence (i.e. you can’t sell it or pretend it’s yours).


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